Pointpic Studio Portfolio

We focus on developing cool and simple hyper-casual games. Our interest falls on runners, arcades, puzzles as well as games with meta. But we are always trying something new.
2 Educational AR apps
+ 6 Casual Games

Focus on games since August 2021

Andrei Maksimov

Technical Director



Aleksandr Fedchenko

Game Designer



Artem Ermolov

C# Developer


Valeria Hurdzhyia

C# Developer


Golem Rush

Genre: HyperCasual, Arade, RolePlay

Rule the golem and discover the world full of resources and enemies. You are going to overcome obstacles using your abilities to survive. Run and blast your rivals, then merge resources to discover new lands. Improve your skills and abilities for the powerful hit. 

  • Open/Discover new territory on the planet
  • Collect resources
  • Kill enemies
  • Get the power of fire and ice

Magic Hero

Genre: HyperCasual, Arade, FirstPerson

Upgrade your magic wand to transform enemies into various creatures and objects: soap bubbles, butterflies, bats and flowers. You never know what magic stick you will get next.

  • Kill enemies
  • Unlock new weapons and effects
  • Save hostages
  • 30+ levels

Magnetic Hands

Genre: HyperCasual, Arade, FirstPerson

Grab any objects you see and throw them all. Destroy enemies and don’t let them touch you. Your magnetic hands are a better weapon than anything else, as you’re up to decide how to rule them. It isn’t easy to kill all stickmen. Try grab everything around you to do you best.

  • Grab and collect objects to throw them like with a gun
  • Normal, fast and shooting stickmen
  • Realistic physics

Pick & Pack: Sweets

Genre: HyperCasual, Meditative, Puzzle

Seek sweets and sort them into boxes. Passing new level you unlock one delicious sweet. 

Getting sweets you also access more boxes. In the levels with cakes and pies you are going to find all the pieces and put them in special forms.

  • 50 + levels
  • bright effects
  • 60 + sweets and candies

Laser Guy

Genre: HyperCasual, Action, TopDown

You carry a laser swords and go through the crowds of enemies. Get to the finish (portal) killing enemies. There are slow and fast ones. You access different types of swords depending on your preferences: standard, long or double.

Adapt your skills and the way of moving in order to succeed in every specific level.

  • Kill enemies
  • Collect swords
  • Overcome the obstacles
  • Adapt the way of moving

4 Pics 1 Word — 2021

Genre: Pazzle

Compile words and improve your logic skills. 

Guess the words correctly, paying attention to the general meaning of the pics. If you understand their meaning, then enter the word from the suggested letters and proceed to the next level. You can use hints as well as correct the letters.

  • Nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • Hints
  • Corrections